Thursday, November 5, 2009

27...Must feel like Heaven

As I watch the Evil Empire put the polishing touches on their 27th World Championship and await another legendary final out call from Joe Buck, I can only think of one four-letter word.

No, not that one.

This one.


When will it be our turn?
When will a team that I follow be called Champions?
When will things even out for F%&*s sake?

I’m not taking anything away from the New York Yankees or their fans. They deserved it this year more than any other club in the majors. Derek Jeter has to be considered one of the best leaders to ever play competitive sports. His girl is also unbelievably hot.

But for once, can a team that I call my own do the unthinkable and win it all.

Just once.

And no, my Flag Football Intramural team doesn’t count.

The Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners have never done it. My two teams south of the border have both given me a glimmer of hope at times (see the 2006 Super Bowl and the 2001 MLB Season as prime examples) but both teams crushed my heart when it mattered most. Thanks Jeremy Stevens, you’re awesome!

And don’t even get me started on my true love. It has been nothing but heartbreak during my 23 years of cheering for the Vancouver Canucks.  Year-after-year I convince myself that this is the year where it all comes together. The year where everything falls into place and the Canucks go all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Yet, when it comes to June, the Nuckers never seem to be playing hockey down on Arthur Griffiths Drive. Instead, they usually can be found across town playing golf on the links of Marine Drive.

But I suck it up every June and tell myself that patience is a virtue. Just wait till next season. Will get 'em. Just watch.

So, as I Watch A-Rod yell “Were going to party tonight New York,” I think to myself if it happened for that loser, it has to eventually happen for all of us, right?

I just hope it’s when.

Not if.

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