Sunday, October 25, 2009


There's no underlying jokes and no hidden secrets. For once the title says it all.

In Podcast #2, the 5YC shocked the world with perhaps the biggest face-off since David and Goliath, or better yet, Travolta and Cage. For those of you that haven't had an opportunity to listen to the Podcast we've provided a brief run-down of the the challenge, what's at stake, and the journey the boys of the curl, for better or worse, are about to meet head on.

Synopsis: Chad and Joe share many common characteristics. They don't however, share similar weights. Joe's always been hefty and Chad's always been gawky. That's about to change. From now until December 31st the two will attempt to pass the pounds onto their counterpart. With the goal being 195 lbs. Joe will be trying to shed while Chad will be constantly well-fed. On the last day of the year the two will step back on the scales and see who will be taking home the title and who will be giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Prize: At the end of every year the students of BCIT's Broadcast Journalism begin applying for their internships. Each year, a little known sports network known as "TSN" holds two positions for BCIT students. Chad and Joe have both dreamed of applying for this internship. The dream for one 5YC member is about to vanish. The person who has the greatest weight change towards the 195 lbs. goal will be crowned champion and can immediately begin the TSN application process. The loser will not be able to apply. He'll rip up his internship application and forever wish he had tried just a little bit harder. To think, if he had just gone for one more run, or had one more Big Mac, it could have been his.

Contestant #1:

Name: Chad Grieve
Starting Weight: 160 lbs.
Favorite Food: Beef Redondo
Hardest Challenge to Date: Getting his weight to triple digits
Self-Projected Finish Weight: "I'll gain a couple pounds...but so will Joe"

Contestant #2

Name: Joe Perkins
Starting Weight: 228 lbs.
Favorite Food: Cookie Dough
Hardest Challenge to Date: Writing the word diet
Self-Projected Finish Weight: 204 lbs.

Get Involved: As mentioned on Podcast #2, the 5YC is looking to give away two tickets to an upcoming Vancouver Canucks Regular Season game. To win, sign up to be a fan on the 5YC Facebook Page. Haven't yet? Click here. Once you've become a fan, write a post on the wall. Include two things: 1.) Who you think will win the challenge, and 2.) What their final weight weight will be. On December 31st, once the final weights have been calculated we will take every post and see who was closest to predicting the outcome. That person will win the two tickets for a game in the new year. Make Note: You must be a fan of the page to win and you must get your post up before December 1st.

Continue to stay tuned into the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for updates from both Chad and Joe.

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